Providing cash handling infra through a self-managed platform

BANK Quick and easy deployment of monitoring system for your financial services. Dramatically improve the level of control & security of branch cash.
HOSPITAL & MEDICAL CENTRE Cash automated machine speed up payment processes and provide top quality services at sustainable costs. Eliminating repetitive process of counting and reconciliation.
FOOD & BEVERAGES OUTLETS Visibility of your entire branch/outlet cash management with track & trace capabilities wherever you are.
CASH IN TRANSIT Drive down cost by controlling & managing workforce intelligently trough connected cash management automation.
HYPERMARKET & SUPERMARKET Cash tracking & accountability. Smart safe ensures all transaction are reconciled & auditable. Help stores accelerate the reconciliation of end-of-shift & end-of-day balances to store's POS. Reduce customers queue time frustration.
GOVERNMENT & CORPORATE Banking cost may be reduced due to less frequent deposits. Treasury officer should see fewer discrepancies between money received & the deposit amount.
PETROL STATION Cash loses are reduced by improved accountability of every cashier on every shift. Internal & external theft are reduced.
CONVENIENCE STORE Store personal safety is improved. Cash exposed in till should be reduced, thereby reducing robbery losses at the till.


Real time visibility, tracking and managing your cash and sales for improved efficiency available 24-7 via table, notebook, desktop & smartphone.

Limitless transaction, limitless user.

Data immediately available across authorised departments allowing pro-active posture when dealing with out-of-compliance cash handling behaviour.

Reliable technical support nationwide & remote assitance.