"Intelligent security solutions" is a system designed in a preventive manner that helps avoiding worst-case scenarios and robberies. This is achieved by early signalling-a possibly activation-of cash ink staining facilities. Such system are also known as Intelligent Banknotes Neutralisation System(IBNS)

Collaborating with Villiger Security Solutions AG, a Swiss based leading manufacturer of intelligence security solution in Europe, STREAM is committed to provide intelligent security solutions to sustain Villiger’s founding mission in reducing the number of attacks on cash transport to zero, reducing the risk for its clienteles. Villiger Solutions are based on multivendor approach-regardless of the brand of your ATM, we can equip it with ink protection. Villiger IBNS ensures 40% of bank note surface will be stained within 30 sec after time of activation. For record, European Guideline has defined that 100% banknote should be stained by minimum 20% of the banknotes surface.

With smart cash infrastructure minimises the shrinkage of cash value during cash transit procedure, the implementation of Intelligent Banknote Neutralisation System helps to further prevent crime, identify stolen cash and valuables in transit, and ensure safe handling of cash and safeguard your business’ cash.




Our multi-vendor cassette ink kit adapts to all the ATM cassette brands on the market. The VILLIGER ink system inside combines the highest security level together with simple installation and low cost maintenance. It can be used as an individual ATM solution or part of an integrated end-to-end solution.



Security Solutions within the Cash Cycle

Prevent Crime
Prevent the use of stolen cash
Be safe in Handling
Help in identifying stolen cash and valuables in transit


Security Features

Multi-vendor adaptable kit
Ink staining protection in case of unauthorized handling
Tested 100% note staining with minimum 40% area coverage
Battery powered, with a lifespan of 5 years
Encrypted IR communication
Multiple sensor monitoring
Shutter protection
Easy installation
Low maintenance costs
Can be integrated in an end-to-end solution